Commitment to Safety

Patient safety is our number one concern.  The University of Arizona takes pride in our active team of medical physicists dedicated to the accuracy and safety of each patient’s treatment. Our physics team leads and maintains a stringent quality assurance program which surpasses national standards. This program aims to ensure that all equipment is maintained in top condition, and that individual patient treatment is of the highest quality.

Prior to start of any treatment, the physics team carefully checks all aspects of the patient’s treatment plan and performs complete measurements to ensure that the radiation will be delivered as desired.  On each treatment day, safety interlocks and equipment calibrations are tested and verified. Additionally, the physicists perform regular checks and measurements throughout the treatment course to ensure that each patient is receiving the correct care.

As an academic institution, The University of Arizona has the advantage of physicists who are leaders in their field. With the only medical physics training program in the Southwest, our physicists commit to teaching and research, with goals to continually improve each patient’s care. We also have the advantage of leading edge equipment and technology available, with regular training for our highly-skilled staff.