Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD, FASTRO

Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD, FASTRO

Deparment Head

Residency Director 


Contact Information

Office Location: 
3838 N Campbell Ave., BLDG 2
Phone Number: 
(520) 694-7236
(520) 694-0197


Dr. Stea earned his doctorate in biochemistry at UCLA, followed by a medical degree from George Washington University, Washington, D.C. He received his residency training in radiation oncology at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD. Since his appointment with The University of Arizona Cancer Center, Dr. Stea has served as Director of the Radiation Oncology Residency Training Program from 1995-1998, and has been Medical Director of the Department since 1997. Dr. Stea has been head professor of the Department of Radiation Oncology since 2003.

Dr. Stea is board-certified in radiation oncology, and specializes in the treatment of malignant and benign brain tumors using stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). He developed the stereotactic radiosurgery program at the University of Arizona, and has more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Dr. Stea's research is focused on the development of novel radiation enhancers and radiosensitizing drugs for primary and secondary brain tumors. His clinical practice focuses on treatment of malignant brain tumors and pediatric cancers, including total body irradiation (TBI). He received the UMC “Patient's Choice Award" for outstanding communication and excellence in patient care 1994, 1995 and 1998, and has been listed among The Best Doctors in America since 1996.

Professional Affiliations: 
  • Courtesy Consultant, Northwest Hospital, Tucson, Ariz.
  • Courtesy Staff, Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, Ariz.
  • Consultant in Radiation Oncology, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Tucson, Ariz.
  • Medical Staff Fellow, Radiation Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Md.
  • Intern in Medicine, George Washington University
  • Summer Research Fellow, George Washington University, Cancer Research Laboratory
  • Summer Research Fellow, University of Bari (Italy), Department of Biological Chemistry
  • NIH/NRSA Predoctoral Trainee, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Teaching Fellow, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Teaching Associate, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Research Associate, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Teaching Assistant, UCLA, Department of Chemistry
  • Research Assistant, UCLA, Department of Surgery/Oncology
  • Admitted to the Honors Program, UCLA (1974)
  • Graduated cum laude, UCLA (1974)
  • NIH/NRSA Predoctoral Trainingship, UCLA
  • Recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Travel Award to the 1st Pathobiology of Cancer Workshop (Keystone, CO)
  • Research Grant Award from the Italian National Research Council
  • ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Medical Society
  • The Hubon W. Lawson Award for Most Outstanding Student in OB/GYN
  • The Howard K. Kane - A.F.A. King Obstetrical Honor Society
  • American Cancer Society - Clinical Oncology Career Development Award
  • Travel Grant Award to Paris, France for the 17th International Congress of Radiology; Office of International Programs, University of Arizona
  • Recipient of ASTRO Award to attend the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) meeting in Montecatini, Italy
  • Travel Grant Award to from the Office of International Programs to attend the First International Symposium on Neuro-Radio-Surgery in Vienna, Austria
  • "Patient's Choice Award" from UMC for Outstanding Communication and Quality Care
  • Travel Grant Award from the Office of International Programs to attend the VII International Congress on Hyperthermic Oncology in Rome, Italy
  • Listed in the "The Best Doctors in America: Pacific Region," 1996-1997 Edition
  • Strathmore's "Who's Who," 2001-2002 Registry
  • Listed in "The Best Doctor's in America," 1998-2011
  • Recipient of the first annual Physician Award from the UMC Board of Directors
  • Faculty Teaching Award - Longitudinal Clinical Curriculum preceptor of the year (2006)


Board Certifications: 

Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology (Radiation Oncology)

Clinical Practice Sites: 
The University of Arizona Cancer Center - Orange Grove
Radiation Oncology
The University of Arizona Medical Center - University Campus


UCLA, Los Angeles, Calif.
Medical School: 
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Master's Degree: 
UCLA, Los Angeles, Calif.
Undergraduate School: 
UCLA, Los Angeles, Calif.


Selected Publications: 

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Clinical Studies

Titlesort descending Description Cancer Area Cancer Type Trial Status

NCT03550391: Phase III Trial of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Compared with Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) for 5-15 Brain Metastases


NCT03180268: Phase III Trial of Observation Versus Irradiation for a Gross Totally Resected Grade II Meningioma